Pra Somdej 7 chan LP Oun
Somdej Wat Tangong

Phra Somdej LP Oun

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Very early Somdej blessed in BE 2518 by Luang Por Unn Sukamo, Wat Tankong, Marbplakhao district, Ampur Tha Yang, Phetcburi Province. A highly respected and revered guru monk.

Pra Somdej 7 chan LP Oun
Somdej Wat Tangong

LP Oun Wat Tangong

Highly respected and revered guru monk. Many people have related special occurrences whilst wearing amulets consecrated by this master.

Amongst the most widely reported experiences are successful business dealings and improvement in inter-personal relationships.

  • One of the most famous incidences related to a man who was robbed and shot with a revolver. All the ammunition pierced his outer garments but none penetrated his body. He was wearing an amulet by Luang Phor Woon at the time to which he he attributed his lucky escape.

Luang Phor Woon Sukakamo, officially named “Prakru Vinai Vacharakit”, was born on March 9th, B.E. 2459, to the family of Mr.Boon Inprom and Mrs.Lek Inprom. He was one of eight siblings.

His family lived in Nong Hintuang, a village of Marbplakao Sub-district, Thayang , Phetchaburi Province, where he was educated in both Thai and Khom (ancient Khmer) languages at Wat Saikhan.

On July 21st, B.E. 2479, aged 20 years he was ordained at Wat Tanggong by Pra Atikarn Chun, the abbot of Wat Marbplakao, Luang Phor Piu Dharmasiri, the abbot of Wat Tanggong, Phra Atikarn Khao, the abbot of Wat Injumpa, who acted as Phra Upacha, Pra Karmavajacharn, and Pra Anusavanacharn respectively.

According to the Thai law, monks must be ordained by the Phra Upacha (an authorized monk), joined by two assistants namely Phra Karmavajacharn, and Phra Anusavanacharn.)

Luang Phor woon spent all his lifetime studying religious sciences and magic, learning from some of the foremost spiritual leaders of his generation. 

1.  Mr.Boon Inprom, his father, was his first sacred teacher teaching him the science to create Petchmani or Petchjinda, a kind of sacred powder that was often used in conjunction with other powders. Such as jindamanee to create amulets.

Moreover the Petchmani sacred powder was also thought to help cure various ailments and diseases. It is known that during his Mr.Boon Inprom had helped many patients with this powder.

2.  Luang Phor Piu Dharmasiri, the abbot of Wat Tanggong, one of the most sacred monks of Phetchaburi province, famous for his higher level meditation, although he rarely made contact with the world outside of the temple.

Most locals of the province, particularly the elders, were impressed by his sacred power. Such was the case of an 80 year-old man, who said that Luang Phor Piu possessed immense power and that simply writing a sacred spell onto the forehead of a worshipper would provide protection for eternity.

Also recorded is the case of a lucky teenager, who came from a neighboring province to pay homage to Luang Phor Piu who wrote a sacred spell onto his forehead. Months later that youth was attacked by a gang using knives and wooden batons. He survived uninjured.

3.  Luang Phor Tongsuk, the abbot of Wat Tanodeluang, another specialist in high-level meditation science, including “Kasin 10”. He was also famed for the creation of sacred powder that could increase charm and attractiveness.

Kasin is a kind of sacred science that assisted in the practice of meditation and particularly to increase the resultant power. Kasin was divided into 10 sub disciplines including Techo Kasin (or fire meditation), Wayo Kasin (wind-power meditation), etc.Luang Phor Tongsuk was blessed with a large number of devotees such as Luang Phor Kum of Wat Nongkair, Luang Phor Yid of Wat Nongjok, Luang Phor Pimmalai of Wat Hubmaklum, Luang Phor Nim of Wat Khaonoi, Luang Phor Ob of Wat Tumkaew, Luang Phor Paew of Wat Tanodeluang, Luang Phor Lair of Wat Prasong, etc.

As such it was difficult for Luang Phor Woon to become a disciple, but his sincerity was noticed by Luang Phor Piu who did eventually take him under his wing. Luang Phor Tongsuk taught many sacred sciences to Luang Phor Woon, including the sacred science to create Pong Phra Junkrungsik, Itijae, Patamung, Maharach and Narprapak powders.

These powders are considered five of the most important used by monks to create amulets, all respected for the inherent power that can help worshippers in many different ways such as protection, luck charm, fortune etc. Usually they are mixed with other auspicious constituents.

Two powders in particular, namely; Pong Phra Junkrungsik and Narprapak are thought to be very special indeed as very few monks possess the knowledge to create them. From a collectors viewpoint amulets made from such sacred materials are also hard to source. Indeed it is quite possible that this knowledge will be lost in the near future.

Luang Phor Woon was truly lucky to have learned these sciences, and as a result many of his amulets are considered very sacred.

Furthermore Luang Phor Woon also learned Luang Phor Tongsuk’s sacred Tattoo science, sak yant (traditional thai tattoo), which could 

 Many worshippers asked Luang Phor Woon for these sacred skin spells, because it was widely known at the time that they offered extreme protection. Luang Phor Woon stopped tattooing a few decades back after it was made known to him that many gangsters were abusing the power.

Luang Phor Woon also learnt two sacred spells called Na Pudtalod and Na Patamung from Luang Phor Tongsuk, which he often recites, even to this day to help protect those that come to give homage.

Na Pudtalod and Na Patamung two important sacred spells, which are commonly recited during blessing ceremonies, as they are thought to increase the power of amulets. These spells were used by Luang Phor Tongsuk and most of his known disciples.

4.  Phra Atikarn Chun, the abbot of Wat Marbplakao, famous for his sacred sciences that could protect worshippers from knives, bullets and many other kinds of weapons. Luang Phor Woon studied diligently learning all that he had to teach.

5.  Luang Phor Jun, the sacred monk of Wat Marukatayawan, interestingly also a relative of Luang Phor Tongsuk. He specialized in the sacred science called “Sakod Chatri”, which when used appropriately could control fierce or dangerous animals.

Luang Phor Jun revealed that he had learnt this science from a senior Khmer monk, and had taught Luang Phor Woon because he believed him to be a good man

Apart from these five sacred teachers Luang Phor Woon learn from many other experts such as Mr Chum who specialized in creation of charming wax, Mr.Mo, who also specialized in creation of sacred tattoos, etc.

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