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Luang Phor Pong is a former Keji Ajahn that you should be aware of as he was one of the most acclaimed monks of his generation. A contemporary of great monks like Luang Phor Puang, Wat Kok, LP Bplai, Wat Kamphaeng and LP Iam , Wat Nang  In fact he is attributed as being the originator of an amulet commonly known as Pra Somdej Lep Nul, the amulet we have on offer here.

This pim is made up from ruined amulets from Wat Sam pleum that were crushedand mixed with sacred powders from Wat Paknam. thought to be particularly efficacious for multi-purpose blessings and highly recommended. This is a top quality pim at an affordable price

Pra Somdej Lep Nil

Wat Khuhatsawan or Wat Salasina is located in Phasi Charoen, one of the 50 regions that make up Greater Bangkok. In the past this temple was famous for teaching meditation in which the Abbot. Luang Phor Pong was  highly proficient.

Luang Phor Pong Thammachotko was in former times recognized as one of the great monks of his generation, renowned and highly respected throughout much of Thailand.

In fact King Chulangorn 5 gave respect to this monk, who was included in a select group  of the very best from the Thonburi region, namely; Luang Phor Iam, Wat Nang,  Pra raachum, Wat Plub,  Ajahn Pong, Wat Khuhatsawan and Luang Phor Pban, Wat Sapansoong.

He was born in BE 2414, Tabon Bang Si Thong, Ampur Meuang, Nonthaburi and entered the priesthood in BE 2435, ordained at Wat Ruak, Nonthaburi. Present were LP Gaew, Wat Amarit, abbot of Wat Chalern Prakiat and LP Lop, Wat  Ruak. He was renamed Tammachotiko

In actual fact he was himself a disciple of Luang Phor Iam, Wat Nang, a monk famous for his pitda amulets and takruts. Luang Phor Pong was known to have inherited Akom Klang, or miraculopus magic, and this is reflected in the amulets that he consecrated throughout his life.


Luang Phor Pong

After his ordination he studied meditatation as a disciple of Luang Phor Gaew, Wat Fai Mai (Wat Amarit). He then was known to have moved to  Wat Nangchee Klong Daan where Phra Kru Sinkan was Abbot. He moved again at a later date to Wat Nak Prok where he remained until BE 2455.

On the 14th July BE 2455 he was invited by Somdej Wanrat, Wat Chetupon to take up the position of Abbot at Wat Khuhatsawan. He remained in this position for 16 years.

In BE 2448, by royal letter of appointment, he was promoted to Phra Kru Sangwon Samaati, on the occasion of the coronation of the 6th reign. He was again recognised in BE 2464 when he was promoted to Preceptor and Abbot of Wat Klong Baang Jaak, Phasi Charoen. He received further clerical promotions in the years after.

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