Pra Kru Wat Bortongkum

Phra Nangphya Wat Bortongkum (benjapakee)

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Newly Discovered

On March 29th, B.E.2553, a secret cell (Kru) was discovered at Wat Bortongkum, Hua Ror Sub-district, Merng District, Pitsanuloke Province.

Many sacred objects and amulets were discovered but in particular Pra Nangphaya amulets, the most famous amulet of the province. These newly discovered pims exhibit all the characteristics of the original Phra Nangphya amulets found at Wat Nangphaya in the same province.

Pra Kru Wat Bortongkum

Phra Atikarn Tawi Atagaro, the temple’s abbot, said that the temple was built during the Ayudhaya Kingdom but had been deserted for several hundred years when in B.E.2543 it was renovated and officially declared a legal temple..

Prior to the renovation it was reported that thieves had on may occasions  stolen precious artefacts including gold, Buddha Images and ancient pots. Fortunately they had not discovered the location of the secret Kru.

The abbot said that the Kru was more than two metres below ground and located beneath the temples Viharn.

Mr.Yongyos Mek-arun, Vice Governor of Pitsanuloke Province, had suggested the abbot not make known his discovery in fear that the temple would be subject to further robbery.

He also suggested that the temple should set up an information centre to educate the public about the find and that some of the amulets should be released for sale to support both charitable work and further repairs.

Abbot Wat Bortongkum

It was also reported that Mr Surin Thitipunya, President of Pitsanuloke Province’s Local Administration had visited the temple to inspect the amulets, and purchased a number for himself.

There has been a massive demand for these pims, with many experts and dealers descending on the temple to purchase these valuable pims. A good example was Mrs Tasani Tongparn, a resident of Chonburi Province, who once hearing the news immediately rushed to purchase a number of pims totaling 30,000 baht.

She said that apart from buying the amulets she also supported the temple’s renovation projects.

Today you would be lucky to obtain one of these pims as  Mr. Naris Piyapruk, Vice Governor of Pitsanuloke Province requested that the Abbot  remove all the ancient jars and pots containing the amulets and  donate them to the public at large via the the Historical Centre of Juntra Palace, Pitsanuloke Province.

We are lucky to have obtained a few of these pims, which of course are many hundreds of years old having been created during the Ayudhya period.

The Nanphya amulet is accepted as one of the ‘Grand Five’ set (Bejapakee) The original Nangphya amulets originate from Wat Nangphya, situated next to Wat Ratchaburana, Phitsanulok.

Wat Ratchburana was built by King Maha Thammaracha of Sri Ayudhya during his rule of the province, while Wat Nangphaya was built by his wife Wisut Kasattri around BE 2095-2100.

Both temples were originally on the same piece of land, but a later road separated them. The Chedi was destroyed and cleaned, and these triangular shaped Buddha images were discovered in BE 2442-2444. These amulets were made from earth, mixed with flower petals along with gravel and sand.

The amulets were classified into 6 different pims. It is believed that these amulets are good for Charm, protection and wealth.This Nanphya amulet discovered at Wat Wat Bortongkum is easily as good as the original pims but very much less expensive. A real treasure and a great way to start making up a genuine Benjapakee collection. 

Probably your one and only chance to own one of these amulets.

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Pra Kru

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