Phetch Payatorn, LP In
Phetch Payatorn, LP In

Petch Phayatorn Neua Pong Prai Maha Sanay

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Petch Phayatorn Neua Pong Prai Maha Sanay

Luang Phor In, or officially known as Luang Phor In Khematevo, is an elderly monk from Surin, now 82 years old. He is highly respected for his charming amulets and sacred sciences.

Luang Poo In began to learn Khmer sacred sciences even before he became a monk, using his knowledge to attract local women. Indeed it has been said that as a young man, he was the most charming lad in the locality.

Although he ordained as a monk in BE 2497 he has never stopped learning khmer sacred sciences.

“Because I have lots of relatives in Cambodia I often cross the border and take the opportunity to learn as much as I can. In total I have spent at least 10 years learning sciences from my Khmer counterparts, particularly those associated with opposite sex attraction, which I might add are really effective.”, he said.

One of the most famous charming sacred sciences that he learnt was called “Prai Maha Sanay”, and it is this science he used to create this amulet 

Prai Maha Sanay, is actualy derived from a species of plant, known to increase the worshippers charm. 

His amulets also contain other auspicious components such as Praidum, Prai Ongkachart, Praichumpa,etc, which are ground and mixed together.

All the materials prepared are chanted for several months and mixed with another kind of sacred material called “Luk Sawat” to further increase the efficacy. In fact the Petch Payatorn amulets were blessed on  on 27 Mondays, 17 Fridays, 29 Thursdays, and 35 Saturdays, or more than 100 days.

Petch Phayathorn is the name of sacred Yant (a kind of sacred spell symbolized in sacred signs or pictures), which was influenced by the ancient belief in two souls.

1 Half-angel-half-ghost – It was believed that these sacred beings were very beautiful indeed and possessed the ability to use spells to entrance member of the opposite sex to sleep together.

Many monks who believe in these entities would often create amulets in the form of a sacred cloth (or “Pa Yant”) by stamping the Petchphayathorn Yant onto it. The Petchphayathorn Yant was also stamped onto metal plates to create sacred Takruts.

2 Sacred-animal souls – This belief was influenced by ancient Khmer magic & monks who recited sacred incantations about the ability of some mythological animals that were able to fly in the pursuit of attractive women for male worshippers and handsome men for female worshippers.

Front of the amulet features a glazed porcelain Thevada (an angel in Sanskrit) Posed in ethereal grace, surrounded by the Petch Payatorn yant.

The reverse of the amulet is embedded with many other individual sacred amulets such as

Mook Namkang (sacred pearl),
Boa-Skin Takrut (five amulets),
Takrut Huai Jai Petpayatorn (five amulets),
Takrut Hua Jai Chy (1 amulet),
Takrud Hua Jai Ying (1amulet),
Chanuan Artun (charming amulet, 1 amulet),

The “Boa-skin Takruts are made from genuine snake skin engraved with spells whilst reciting the spell  “Na Ma Pa Ta” and “Ma A U Namo Buddhist Ya”  seven times to increase the efficacy.

It was believed that boas have some form of black magic power, a power it uses to induce its prey.

Each of the takruts are made of a piece of copper plate and a piece of silver plate, both each also  engraved with sacred spells respected for the power that could help call upon fortune into the worshippers’ life whilst also increasing charm and attractiveness. Both of the two metal plates are bound together with boa skins.

Only 199 of these pims were blessed and will be supplied with an attractive stainless steel case and katha. All the original temple documentation and packaging is present.

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Ajahn Sunthorn

Year Blessed

BE 2561