Petch Phayatorn Neua Pong Prai Maha Sanay


Petch Phayatorn Neua Pong Prai Maha Sanay

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LP In Kemthevo
Wat Nongmek
BE 2553

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This amulet called Petch Phayatorn (Thep Sanae Version) is highly recvered for the power to attract members f the opposite sex, along with success in life and love

This is a very powerful amulet i, blessed by Luang Phor Da, disciple of Phra Ajahn Mun Puritando. This is the very first batch of amulets consecrated by the guru monk and as such will proove to be valuable and highly sought after

The front of the amuet is glazed porcelain featuring a Thevada (an angel in sanskrit)  posed in etheral grace, being idolatrized by two semi naked consorts. A thevada is an angelic being that dwells in the lower heavens of Buddhist cosmology. Actually the name of the amulet Thepm is a synonym for Thevada.

The reverse of this unique amulet is made from soil collected from seven temple cemetries around Thailand , many auspicious herbs and sedges (nua Wahn) and embedded with various sacred objects , associated with love and protection.

Three takruts, a genuine fresh water pearl, uncut semi precious stones including genuine reuby, a section of holy robes worn by Luang Phor Da himself, Dokmai Ruk Sorn (A flower blessed with charm oil for love and attarction) and a copper plate with a unique temple code.

Luang Phor Da said that prior to asking help from the amulet a short ceremny should be performed, and that the amulet should not be used for adultery.

The Sacred Ceremony
The ceremony should be performed on a Monday night before onr on a full moon, and worshippers should preparev nine incence sticks along with the following:

  1. Five kinds of fruit (one of them should be coconut)
  2. A bottle of liqor
  3. Foods and deserts
  4. Nine pink roses (without thorns)

Petch Phayathorn is the name of sacred Yant (a kind of sacred spell symbolized in sacred signs or pictures), which was influenced by the ancient belief in two souls.

1 Half-angel-half-ghost – It was believed that these sacred beings were very beautiful indeed and possessed the ability to use spells to entrance member of the opposite sex to sleep together.

Many monks who believe in these entities would often create amulets in the form of a sacred cloth (or “Pa Yant”) by stamping the Petchphayathorn Yant onto it. The Petchphayathorn Yant was also stamped onto metal plates to create sacred Takruts.

2 Sacred-animal souls – This belief was influenced by ancient Khmer magic & monks who recited sacred incantations about the ability of some mythological animals that were able to fly in the pursuit of attractive women for male worshippers and handsome men for female worshippers.

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Ajahn Sunthorn

Year Blessed

BE 2561

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