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Palad Khik Pom Bpui, Mai Neua Dam blessed by Luang Phor Yit at Wat Nongjork, Prachuap Kiri Khan, BE 2536. A very well known and highly popular palad khik due to its unique design.  In beautiful unused condition with sharp deep yants,

Palad Khik, Wat Nongjork
Luang Phor Yit

Luang Phor Yit, formerly known as Mr. Yit Sidokbuab was born on the 10th June BE 2467 in Ban Don Hua Grad Village,  Petchburi Province

Aged 9 he was ordained a novice at Wat Naprom by Luang Por Huan Jantasiri, his uncle, who also taught him many Buddhist sciences such as ancient medicines, sacred spells and the Khmer language.

Aged 14 years he continued his studies  with Luang Phor Thongsuk Intachoto, then abbot of Wat Tanodluang.

At the age of 20 he was ordained a Buddhist monk at Wat Naprom. Luang Phor In of Wat Yang, Luang Por Huan of Wat Praditnaram and Pra Ajahn Puang Of Wat Summarong, acted as Phra Upacha, Phra Karmavachacharn and Phra Anusavanacharn respectively.

He was given his formal name  “Juntasuwanno” by Luang Phor Thongsuk, who  also shortly after led him to the surrounding forests to practice meditation.

Unexpectedly, his father passed away which resulted in his departure from monastic life and his return home to help his mother. It wasn’t until BE 2517 that he again returned to the priesthood and was ordained for a second time at Wat Kohlak, Muang District, Prachuap kirikhan Province.

He was to move again this time to Wat Tungnoi, Kuiburi,  Prachuap Kirikhan Province, where he met Mrs. Vong Boonma, Mrs. Urn Ketngarm, both who donated 21rai of land to him. On November 14th, B.E.2518, he established a temple named “Samnak song Buddhatrirut” which was authorized as a legal temple in March B.E.2528, when it was renamed as Wat Nong Jork.

He worked tirelessly with the local population spreading the word of Buddhism. His efforts and dedication were rewarded in BE 2535 when he was appointed as Phra Kru Niyutdharmasunthorn

Luang Phor Yit was known for his strict adherence to Lord Buddha laws and actually it was also recorded that he showered only once a year on the dark-moon Sunday of the fourth month, when his disciples would organize a showering ceremony for him.

After the ceremony he would donate many sacred amulets, some of which are highly treasured today and in particular by the police force of Prachuap Kirikan province.

Many amulets are known to have saved the lives’ of law enforcement officers; indeed some of his rien have been so efficacious that they have been popularly renamed. It would be unusual to find a local police officer within the province  that did not own or wear one of his amulets.

The amulets which made him famous throughout the kingdom are his Palad Khik and they are highly sought after even today.

His Palad Khik are considered to be exceptionally powerful and amongst the very best ever sacralised. He studied the sciences to create palad Khik from all the great masters of his era including Luang Phor Leua, Wat, Saao Cha Ngohk  Luang Phor Ie, Wat Sattaheep, Chonburi and Luang Phor Sohk, Wat Paak Klong Baang Krok, Phetchburi, etc.

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