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Palad Khik hand carved and blessed by Luang Phor Erp, Wat Sum Gradtai, Chainat. The full name is Palad Hua Chamot Sao Boht. Luang Phor Erp is the disciople of Luang Phor Pina, Wat Sanom Lao. The Palad Khik will be supplied with a small bottle of sacred scented oil blessed by LP Erp and is used along with the Katha which will be supplied.


Hua Chamot (Chamot-head) Palad Khik amulets, has a head that resembles a Chamot, a Thai animal (Civet) believed to possess magical powers and well known to produce highly potent sex attractant pheromones believed to be almost infallible female lures.

It is said that if temperaments, mood, and circumstances are right, that extracts of these powerful pheromones can produce an extraordinary intensification, prolongation, and elaboration of sexual experience.

Palad Khik LP Erp
LP Erp  was well known for his knowledge of  sacred sciences even before he became a monk, often called upon by local villagers to perform ceremonial exorcism of evil spirits. 
It was due to this interest in sacred sciences that led him to monastic life and the opportunity to learn from many famous monks such as Luang Phor Pina, Wat Sanamlao, Luang Por Prom of Wat Chongkair, Luang Phor Rung of Wat Nongsinual, Luang Por Ode of Wat Jansen and Luang Phor Si of Wat Khaobannak.
The sacred sciences taught to him by Luang Phor Pina were particularly valuable in the creation of his Palad Khik such as the Hua Chamod which required  that sprits or the souls of the deceased are called upon to take up residence within the phallic effigy, very similar to Guman Thong. 
This is not generally known and also why these type of Palad Khik are associated with protection and good fortune. Luang Phor Erp is known to possess incredible mind power and divine energy and it through the manifestation of this power his Palad Khik are known for efficacy not matched by most other modern phallic talismans.

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Weight 34 g
Year Blessed

BE 2555


Wat Som Gradtai


LP Erp