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Palad Khik Love Amulet Thai Buddhist Amulets

Palad Khik Ajahn Boonsri

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Palad Khik, Ajahn Boonsri Thai Buddhist Amulets

Palad Khik, Ajahn Boonsri, Wat Sawang Ponsawan, Ubon Ratchathan

This hand made Palad Khik was made for one reason only, and quite simply put, that is for opposite sex attraction and sex appeal.

Ajahn boonsri is an adept at the Kmer black magic  ” Wichaa Saiyasat” and in particular the sacred science to create efficacous palad khik and love amulets. His talismans are in very high demand as they are all hand made in limited numbers. His amulets are not commercialised and as such you will not be able to purchase from an amulet shop, in fact you are very unlikely to find these listed on any other website.

The palad khik itself is completely hand carved, hand engraved with sacred katha and embedded with three  gold takruts each bearing a katha for riches and fortune in particular during negotiations or sales, indeed any situation where attractiveness is an advantage.

Ajahn Boonsri collected hundreds of special materials over decades to create these palad khik, most are known sacred love herbs, some of which are very rare indeed. These were all packed inside of the Palad khik

Wahn Dtok Tong (Prostitute Herb) – 12 differnt species
Key Peung Tian Naang Matree – Candle wax dripped over a maiden
Flowers – Dok Kalong and Dok Rakson
Flower – Dok Hing Haai
Male and Female “Pee Krua Kao Lhong” (Ghost Vine)
Wahn Sao Long (Lost Girl Herbs) 
Wahn Sane Jun,- 5 species 
Wahn Sao Long,
Wahn Narng Kiang, (Women Close Herb)
Wahn Nang Lorm, (Beseige Women Herb)
Wahn Khun Paen Sagotap (Hypnotise and army herb)
Wahn Jong Nang (Leading a Women Herb)
Wahn Salika Lin Tong (Golden Tongue Herb)
Wahn Yonee (Vagina Herb)
Wahn Khun Paen Sanay (Charming Herb Powder)
108 other love/ attractant / charm herbs and sedges, for example, girl be lost herb, girl screams herb, girl love herbs, girl crowd around herb

Numerous Sacred Powders and oils including:

Pong Nang Ok Dtek – Women explodes sacred powder
Pong Taywada Long Hong – Women to be lost sacred powder
Pong Mae Nang Gaalong
Nam Man Praa Chang Peuak – White Elephant Ghost Oil 
Nam Man Galaa – Coconut Oil

One of the most unique and powerful constituents  is the waxy secretion from an elephant penis. Many have tried to obtain this and been seriously injured in the process. Unless you possesse the sacred knowledge then obtaining this charming wax is just about impossible. This sacred charming wax is known as  Gua Poh, and is believed to be full of the sexual power of an elephant, and when used in love amulets can increase the power substantially.

Numerous Auspicious woods:

Mai Gaa Faak – Parasite Plant
Mai Kai Kook 
9 Takian Tok Mun shell,
Mai Takien Thong, 
Mai Gaen Kanun
Mai Koon powder,
Mai Pai Ton powder,
Mai Kaen Makarm powder,
Mai Maroom powder

Ajahn Boonsri said that whoever worships this Palad Khik will be blessed with great “Sanay Maytda”  or Charm and Kindness and in particular the owner will possess a powerful talisman for opposite sex attraction and sex appeal.  Whoever sees you will become instantly fascinated, become absent minded, absobed in every word you speak, become transfixed and fall in love.

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Weight 344 g

Ajahn Boonsri

Year Blessed

BE 2560


Wat Sawang Ponsawan