Luk Om Pong Prai Guman – LP Tim, Wat Lahanrai,

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An entirely original Luk Om, Pong Prai Guman, blessed by Luang Phor Tim at Wat Lahanrai. These Luk Om, stamped with the number 3 are rare and quite valuable. 

Luk Om were made in a variety of sizes depending on the amount of sacred powders remaining. The size can vary tremendously some small enough to place in the mouth others as large as a small orange. This particular Luk Om is about 1.5 cm and made from extremely high concentrations of Pong Praai Guman Powder

Many consider that these Luk Om amulets are some of the very best ever to have been created and blessed by him and also a precious heritage. When you consider that these amulets are composed of the very same powders that make up his 250,000 Baht Khun Paen amulets they represent remarkable value for money.

Luk Om LP Tim

Sacred Materials

Pong Prai Guman – Luang Phor Tim
Ittijay powder
Trinisinghay powder
Patamung powder
Gesah – Lunag Phor Tim
Sian Sai (sacred strings)
Sacred oil

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Weight 2 g
Dimensions 1 cm

Luang Phor Tim

Year Blessed



Wat Lahanrai