Luk Om LP Tim

Luk Om – LP Tim, Wat Lahanrai, BE 2514

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An entirely original Luk Om amulet blessed by Luang Phor Tim. Another amulet that is highly recommended.

These Luk Om amulets were part of a series known as Sao Ha and released from Wat Pailom, Rayong with the blessing ceremony being held on the 22nd August BE 2513 and attended by nine well known monks of that era. Luang Phor Tim was master of the ceremony.

These amulets were made to gain much needed funds to support the renovation of Wat Pailom, Barnkai, Rayong. It was in B.E.2512 Phra Ajahn Poon decided to create the sacred series of Sao Ha amulets and announced his intentions to the public.

Phra Ajahn Poon wanted the amulets to be as sacred as possible, and his endeavour’s were supported by many temples throughout Thailand, which donated sacred powders.

Luk Om LP Tim

Monks that attended the blessing ceremony included:

Luang Phor Kong of Wat Wangsaparos, Chantaburi Province
Luang Phor Chern of Wat Marbkar, Rayong Province
Luang Poo Lad of Wat Nongkrabok, Rayong Province
Luang Poo Lad of Wat Nongkrabok, Rayong Province
Luang Poo Tung of Wat Pay, Rayong Province
Luang Phor Hom, Wat Chakmak
Luang Phor Chai of Wat Mairnangplerm, Ayudhaya Province
Luang Phor Ruay of Wat Tarur, Rayong Province
Luang Phor Sala of Wat Pradoosongdharma, Ayudhaya Province

Many hundreds of different sacred components make up these amulets including amongst others

108 kinds of pollen
108 Herbs and Sedges for Kongkrapan (invulnerabilty) and Metta (Attractiveness)
Sacred water from 108 temples
Sacred powder from Luang Phor Wong, Wat Barnkai
Sacred Powder and sacred green wax from Luang Phor Tarb, Wat Krabok
Sacred Powder from Luang Phor Peng, Wat Lahanrai
Sacred Powder from Luang Phor Nak, Wat Rakhang
Soil from nine sacred locations throughout the kingdom, and from various temple cells
Black rice
Trinisighe powder
Ittije powder
Patamung powder
Maharaj powder

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Additional information

Weight 4 g

Luang Phor Tim

Year Blessed

BE 2514


Wat Lahanrai, Wat Pailom