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Luang Phor Choo of Wat Hin-lekfai, Surin Province, was very famous throughout the region for his powerful amulets that could increase worshippers’ charm and sex appeal.
Before he was ordained, LP Choo practiced as a Master of  Sacred-Sciences having studied extensively ancient Khmer black magic
His specialist discipline and knowledge of love amulets and charms brought him considerable notoriety. It was said that he had helped countless people achieve love through his magic. It was  even rumoured that he had many wives and lovers himself.
The front features Khun Paen seated in the centre and surrounded by three concubines whilst the reverse features Guman Thong Doot Rok (sucking on the placenta). Khun Paen is known to us from ancient Thai literature as a ‘Dashing Lover’ and ‘Able Warrior’ 
The amulet was created using a mixture of 108 highly potent herbs and sedges known to have magical qualities. The most potent constituent is Pong Ma Ha Sanay (charming) powder. The amulet itself is soaked in “Nam Man Prai Mahasanay”
The Guman on the reverse was smelted from coinage placed in the mouths of cadavres and nails from coffins. The spirit of Guman is invited to enter the idol.
This amulet is ideal  for the man that wants to increase his natural attractiveness to the opposite sex, someone that wants to be charming and surrounded by female company. Whoever owns this idol will be so attractive and fascinating that the ladies never want to leave. Many Thai men have accredited amulets made by Luang Phor Chuen with amazing efficacy, even thoughts of a particular women will attract her.
Khun Paen LP Chuen


The amulet was created using a mixture of highly potent herbs and sedges known to have magical qualities. 

-Suan Phasom Paengmahasane
-Wahn Dokmai Tong – (Golden flowers)
-Wahn Galong
-Dok  Rak Son – (Lovers flowers)
-Rang Nok Salika – Salika Birds nest-
-Wahn Jung Nang – Herb that induces/leads a female
-Pong Paya Takrua – Powder that takes families as prisoners
-Wahn Khun Paen
-“Prai Guman” spirit
-“Prai Sa Li Gar” spirit
-“Naang Ok Tag” spirit
-Nam Man Prai Maha Sanay
-Pong Praai Guman powder of Luang Poo Tim of Wat Laharnrai
-Jindamani powder of Luang Poo Gaew of Wat Laharnrai 
Amulet is soaked in Nam Man Prai Maha Sanay with Pong Nang Plot Rak (Pleading Women)
Luang Phor Chuen, Wat Ta Ei

Luang Poo Chuen, or officially called Luang Poo Chuen Tityano, was the former abbot of Wat Ta-ie, Burirum Province. He is probably one of the most famous monks in recent memory to have created a number of highly efficacious love and charm amulets that can truly be considered amongst the best.

An interesting monk who kept a very low profile for years. It was little known that he had mastered many arcane occult sciences and possessed deep mental power. This was all revealed at a relatively late time in his life and its only recently that this extraordinary monk has been acknowledged as one of the great gurus of our era.

He unfortunately passed away in BE 2547 but his legacy lives on and many are still being helped through his sacred amulets.

Luang Phor Chuen was yet another monk who extensively studied the ancient Khmer sacred sciences. In particular he is known to have spent considerable time at Khao Kulen, the mysterious mountain in Cambodia, where many other sacred monks are known to have originated. 

What we do know is that he was born in BE 2461 as Chuen Srisode, in Swaisrisopon Province, Cambodia as one of seven children.

Aged 15 years he entered monastic life as novice in a Cambodian temple and was ordained a monk aged 20 when he was renamed Chuen Titayano. We know that he often went on pilgrimage into deep forests where he learnt from ascetics and other senior monks.

It is also known that he spent a considerable period of time at  Khao Kulen, the location of a Khmer monastic school where he was initiated into powerful Brahmin magic, a place where many senior monks and ascetics would gather to learn and practice arcane occultism. (witayakom)

Khao Kulen located in Siem Reap province and is thought  very scared.  During Angkorian era it was known as Mahendrapavata (the mountain of Great Indra) and was the place where Jayaverman II had himself declared chakravrtin (King of Kings), an act which is considered the foundation of the Khmer empire. Even today Kulen is home to  holy men who continue to study and hermits/ascetics that live in ancient pagodas.

It was here that he met two senior monks who were to shape his destiny, namely; Luang Poo Ey and Luang Poo Dee  both were an  important influence on the young monk who learnt all that he could be taught including the science to create sacred amulets.


Ohm si ti see see rasee naa gu keu tong fah
Na ma pa ta na gu keu pamaen
Na ma pa ta kaen gu ngam ku pa narai
Na ma pa ta bai na gu naam keu pa ahtit
Nam pa ta lit gu naam keu pajan
Na ma pa ta sao nai meung sawan hen naa gu yu mi dai
Na ma pa ta gu lam peung teung dong mai kor hai nguay ngong
Na ma pa ta gu lam lup teung pai ya hong gor leu tam ku haa
Na ma pa ta gu lum lup teung ma haa seyna gor leum tain tee norn
Na ma pa ta gu lam lup teung plai gor leum phra
Na ma pa ta gu lam lup teung sao chai gor leum, mae
Na ma pa ta gu lum lup teung tao thai gor ma leum suet mon
Na ma pa ta gu ma lum lup teung fung chong gor ma ruk yu took tuan naa
Na ma pa ta gu ma lum lup teung took chan fah ler tehwada took wiman
Na ma pa ta ohm si ti sa waha


Namapata, my face is that of an Angel
Namapata, my arms are as nice as Narai Angel’s.
Namapata, my beautiful face is that of the sun.
Namapata, my power is that of the moon.
Namapata, no female angel in Heaven can resist when they see my face.
Namapata, even a tree is fascinated by my charm.
Namapata, when I think about a swan, it will fall in love with me.
Namapata, when I think about a spirit, it can forget a monk.
Namapata, when I think about a lady, she can forget her mother.
Namapata, when I think about a King, he can forget praying.
Namapata, when I think about people, they will fall in love with me.
Namapata, I think about the heaven and all angels.
Namapata Aom Sithisawaha. 

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