Khun Paen Ajahn Sackorn
Khun Paen Ajahn Sackorn

Khun Paen, Pim Yai, BE 2546, Silver Takruts

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If you are looking for a genuine and powerful Khun Paen /Guman Thong amulet you need not look further’.

The amulet face features Buddha sitting in Samadhi., to his right and left are two Guman Thong in prayer. On the reverse is the famous Luang Phor Tim yant 5, representing five previous Buddha’s. Also features two takruts which have been magically aroused. Identical to those pims LP Tim amulets

Luang Phor Sakorn Manun-yo, sacred monk of Wat Nongklub, Bankai District, Rayong Province, was a close disciple of Luang Phor Tim Isarigo, the famous sacred monk of Wat Lahanrai, Rayong Province.

This Khun Paen amulet was blessed on the 16th October BE 2546, and released from Wat Lahanrai, where it was blessed by Ajahn Sackorn and Luang Phor Sin and many other famous monks from the southern provinces. 

Monks present at the blessing ceremony included:

Luang Phor Sakon, Wat Nongkrub, Rayong
Luang Phor Tamransee, Wat Prabaat Kao Panom Plerng, Buriram
Luang Phor Foo, Wat Baang Samak, Chacherngsao
Luang Phor Jaem, Wat Kao Sampao Tong, Rayong

These amulets were created from many sacred components exceeding that of the original amulets. 

1. Original Pong Praai Guman powder from Luang Phor Tim
2. Pong Putakun from Wat Paknam
3. Pong Itijae
4. Pong Mang
5. Neua Wahn Piset and 100’s of different sacred powders.
6. Reverse is embedded with Takrut Salika, for love and charm
This amulet is great for opposite sex attraction, luck and fortune. SUPPLIED WITH CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY
Khun Paen Ajahn Sackorn

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Ajahn Sackorn, LP Sim

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