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Khun Paen Na Sethi

Khun Paen Reun Na Sethi Samret

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Khun Paen Reun Na Sethi Samret  were blessed by the great monk,  Luang Phor Nuam from Wat Poht Si Charoen, Suphanburi in BE 2551 prior to his death. We Have two in stock. Supplied in m int condition with all the original temple packaging

This Khun Paen is made from Neua Pa Ngok or ground powder from the ancient “Baan Grang” pims. The front of the amulet is covered with gold. To the reverse the amulet is sprinkled with Pong Dta Bai or filings from Phra Kring amulets, ruby chips and two solid silver takruts.

Embedded into the reverse are also a sacred rien and Plaa Gat (Fighting Fish) made from Neua Tagua.

Khun Paen
Luang phor Nuam Naatseeloh was born in the village of Moo Bahn DtaaBpom,  Amphur Si Prachan, Suphanburi in the year of the dog in BE 2464.

At the age of 20 he entered monastic life at Wat Ban Graang, Si Prachan, Suphanburi, with Luang phor Wai as the Preceptor. After his ordination he studied meditation and incantation from Pra Ajahn Toh Puyayasiri, a famous instructor in that era, having himself received instruction from Luang Phor Bpaan, Wat Baang Nom Kok, Luang Phor Ei, Wat Sattaheep, Luang Phor Reuang, Wat Mai Pigun, Luang phor Im, Wat Hua Kao

Luang Phor Nuam left the temple in about BE 2520 to return to lay life. Shortly after he became ill and sought treatment in many places but was unable to recover. He prayed for help and was miraculously cured, and was the prompt he needed to return to monastic life. He continued his studies with Ajahn Toh and in particular Spells, incantations, sacred science, Akkara Kom and the art of creating Palad khik.
He also learnt a hihly specific branch of knowledge about Fighting fish, hence the incorporation into the design of his Khun Paen amulet.  The fish not only calls upon “lady luck” but also offers protection and invulnerability  or “Kong Grapan Chaadtree” and “Mayt-Dtaa Maha Niyom” loving Kindness.
He was highly skilled and specialised in a sacred science known as “Wichaa Namahasamret” which is akin to a kind of love spell. He never taught this science to anyone else, it was lost with him. It was a science that demanded absolute strict conduct  and vegetarian diet …. for a period of 4 years.
Khun Paen Na Sethi
The Baang Krang sacred powder used to create these amulets was also combined with many other sacred powders charged with Wicha Aakom, or magic incantations.
he blessed the Khun paen amul;ets over a period of 5 full moons / three months, using the Khun Paen Katha ( ná moh săam jòp ) 

ná dtì chaa lee ná · sù sì mú rí · sù ná moh loh · a-wí-sà-má sà-sì-má-má bpù-bpà-săm-bpà · mâyt-dtaa jìt pút-toh prá 

Luang Phor Nuam in fact died at the age of 79 suffering from Diabetes and heart disease.  Strangely after being pronounced dead, he resurrected after 24 hours, and was filled with the experiences of the after life. He passed away for a second time years later., once again because of heart problems. 

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LP Nuam (Suphanburi), LP Yit

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