Guman Thong LP Erp Wat Gradtai
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Guman Thong, LP Erp

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Guman Thong LP Erp Wat Gradtai


The Guman is carved from the sacred wood “Mai Sak Tong” or Golden Teak. This was a limited batch of 99 Guman, making it particularily rare.  In fact as I understand, almost the entire batch was sold overseas leaving only 9 for local sale and as such I was very fortunate to have been able to acquire an example. 

Luang Phor Erp is quoted as saying at Bahn Dee village in Pattani ” This Guman Thong has the power to call upon “Chok Lahp” or Luck and will earn money, bringing wealth “ram ruay ngern tong” to the worshipper. 

The base of the Guman is plugged with Pong Maha Sanay ( Great Charm) and Pong Jet Bpacha. Luang Phor Erp confirmed that the sacred powders originated from Wat Klong Makham Tao in Chainat province. He said that these powders wdere blessed at multiple ceremonies. The Guman are inscribed with sacred yant.    

LP Erp  was well known for his knowledge of  sacred sciences even before he became a monk, often called upon by local villagers to perform ceremonial exorcism of evil spirits.

It was due to this interest in sacred sciences that led him to monastic life and the opportunity to learn from many famous monks such as Luang Phor Pina, Wat Sanamlao, Luang Por Prom of Wat Chongkair, Luang Phor Rung of Wat Nongsinual, Luang Por Ode of Wat Jansen and Luang Phor Si of Wat Khaobannak.

The sacred sciences taught to him by Luang Phor Pina were particularly valuable in the creation of his many amulets including his famous Palad khik.Guman Such as this are not easy to create asa they require that a sprit or the soul of the deceased are called upon to take up residence within the effigy.

This Guman is associated with protection and good fortune.

Luang Phor Erp is known to possess incredible mind power and divine energy and it through the manifestation of this power his Guman are renowned for efficacy not matched by many other golden idols..

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Weight 702 g

LP Erp


Wat Gradtai

Year Blessed

BE 2556