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Yes indeed, there are some restrictions. * Do not wear you amulet during sexual activity. * You should not wear your amulet if you are inclined to visit establishments of ill repute. * Try to avoid improper and disrespectful positions such as under another persons feet, or below a skirt.
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Before wearing your amulet, you should pay respect to Lord Buddha and the monk that created the image.You should have a calm heart and focused mind. Hold the amulet between your palms in a praying gesture. Breathe in deeply and slowly Then chant the following Mantra three times:"Namo Tassa Phakhawato Arahato Samma Sambudh Tassa"In this verse we pay respect to the lord Buddha. We can also make a similar request in our native tongue. "I, a humble one, invite the Lord Buddha and Luang Phor..... [name(s)] to sit on my head to protect me, bring me good luck, a victory, and fulfilment of my wishes."Finally we may chant the following Mantra:"BudDhang PraSitThiMae DhamMang PraSitThiMae Sangkhang PraSitThiMae."In this verse we ask the Triple Gems, Lord Buddha, Dhamma and Sangkha to bless and fulfil our requests. Place the amulet on your neck.
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Absolutely, but you have must have total faith and trust in the Lord Buddha.
If your order has been refused, yet you have a valid credit card, it is most likely due to the fact that the issuing credit card company does not permit electronic authorisations. Buddhist-Amulets.Com generally will not be able to process an order on that card.We suggest that you try a different card  or call your credit card company to lift the restriction.
When you wish to remove your amulet, you should once again give thanks and respect to the lord Buddha and the monk that created the image. Place the amulet in a position high up, if possible above your head.