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Somdej Toh Pims – What You Should Know

The Sad Truth I have always found it to be rather sad that that most...

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Luang Phor Hong Biography

Luang Phor Hong – Surin

Luang Pu Hong Prompanyo, a famous guru monk from Surin Province, passed away peacefully...

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Pra Kru Bang ye Hom Suphanburi

Pra Kru Bang Ye Hom

Pra Kru Bang Ye Hom - Suphanburi Pra Kru Bang Yee Hon, Ampur Bang Bpla...

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Genuine Amulets For Discerning Collectors

Vendors of authentic Thai amulets, charms and talismans. We are both an online store and a registered business with a physical shop located in Thailand.

All our amulets are GUARANTEED genuine, we do not deal in fakes, replicas or copies and you are most welcome to visit us

Yanisar – Client Liaison
Pra Kreuang Surin

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Ajahn Kom
Monk: Ajahn Kom    Temple: Suphan Buri
Guman Lp Piang front
Monk: Luang Phor Pian   Temple: Wat Kruen
Guman LP Key
Monk: Luang Phor Key Temple: Wat Sri Lamyong
Guman, LP Chuan, 1st Gen
Monk: Luang Phor Chuan  Temple: Wat Kao Kaew
Guman Thong LP Erp Wat Gradtai
Monk: Luang Phor Erp   Temple: Wat Gradtai
Guman Thong LP Pian
Monk: Luang Phor Pian   Temple: Wat Tha Kong

Featured Monk

Pra Somdej Buddhachan Toh

Pra Somdej 7 Chan Klang Klong Koi
In Stock
Monk: Somdej Toh  Temple: Wat Klang Klong Koi
Pra Somdej Buddaxchan Toh
In Stock
Monk: Somdej Toh  Temple: Wat Klang Klong Koi
Pra Somdej Wat Rakhang
In Stock
Beautiful amulet blessed by Somdej Buddachan Toh at Wat Rakhang....
Pra Somdej Buddhachan Toh

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We offer Thai amulets that are are considered to be amongst the very best sacralised.Whilst some amulets blessed by popular monks can be exceptionally expensive, the experienced collector is aware that there are always lesser known alternatives that are equally as efficacous.

We try to offer a balanced view of the market, sensible advice and invaluable background information allowing you to make an informed choice.


TO render prompt and efficient service to our customers.
TO deserve the patronage of our clients by rendering service based upon the highest standards of truth and honour.
TO adjust promptly any cause of dissatisfaction and endeavor to make every purchaser a satisfied customer.
TO advise every customer in regard to each purchase as we would wish to be advised were we the purchaser.

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